Portable Oxygen Concentrator Brand Comparisons

Portable oxygen concentrator brands are very different. Much like any technical industry, each brand offers solutions that other brands may not, and some brands are better in certain areas while weaker in others. Oxygen Always is a portable oxygen concentrator supplier that has an intimate knowledge of all the portable oxygen concentrator brands we sell.

This is a brief overview of the major portable oxygen concentrator brands available through Oxygen Always. For more information, please call us directly for a no obligation consultation: 888-710-1950. Be sure to follow the links to each concentrator’s page to get a full picture of each device.

AirSep Concentrators

CAIRE Inc. is the company behind the popular AirSep portable oxygen concentrator brand. AirSep is known for making lightweight concentrators that are good for a few hours of oxygen therapy. The AirSep Focus has been a popular choice for patients who are looking for a lightweight concentrator. The company has recently released two new concentrators that are listed below along with the most popular model of choice.

AirSep concentrators are a medium ranged price and a popular choice for most patients who need occasional oxygen therapy.

LifeChoice Concentrators

The LifeChoice concentrator by Inova Labs has one of the longest lasting batteries and lightest weights of any portable oxygen concentrator brand. It’s the perfect concentrator for travel! These concentrators are also allowed on flights and they come with batteries that allow them to be charged in cars while you travel.

LifeChoice concentrators are used by patients who want more freedom. The long-lasting batteries allow you to spend less time waiting for a charge and more time moving around. You don’t have to travel to enjoy the LifeChoice.

SeQual Concentrators

SeQual concentrator is also manufactured by CAIRE Inc., but unlike the AirSep, the SeQual portable oxygen concentrator brand offers the most advanced pulse setting of any portable concentrator. They are larger than the AirSep, but they are perfect for patients who need a more intense dose of oxygen.

The varying dosage levels of SeQual concentrators make them perfect for patients who need to ensure that they get the most out of their oxygen therapy.

Respironics Concentrators

The most recognizable manufacturers of portable oxygen concentrators are Respironics: Phillips. Respironics concentrators are among the most reliable portable concentrators you can find on the market.

Respironics come with the benefit of a major brand backing them up and ensuring the utmost quality.

Though each portable oxygen concentrator brand has its own features that will work well with certain patients, it’s important to discuss options with your doctor to determine which device best suits your needs.

For additional information on portable oxygen concentrator brands, please feel free to reach out to Oxygen Always directly at 888-710-1950.

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